Preschool admissions season is around the corner and you have a tough decision to make: whether or not enroll your child into preschool. The thought of separation from your little one and uncertainty of the preschool program can be anxiety provoking.

A high-quality preschool program focuses on early childhood education and assesses the kids’ progress in early literacy and cognitive development. Studies show that children who attend preschool have a high probability of graduating high school.

Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider enrolling your child in a preschool program:

1. A structured environment

The structured learning environment offered by a preschool can’t be replicated at home. The classroom space encourages social interaction; children learn to follow instructions and take turns. They observe their peers and acknowledge the authority of adults other than their parents.

Additionally, there’s dedicated snack time, outdoor play and tons of sensory activities that not only help the little ones get accustomed to a routine but also promote cognitive growth.

2. Promotes social and emotional development

Preschool programs help children build trusting relationships with adults and children outside the family. Toddlers learn vital personality traits like sharing, patience and compromise when they interact with other children. Preschool is a place where your little one will gain a sense of self, play, explore and build confidence.

The 3 and 4 year olds learn through experiences and teachers help them manage their anger and frustration with “teachable moments.” Kids discover all the things that they are capable of doing themselves.

3. Exposure to exciting experiences

Preschool exposes children to the world of exploration with interactive art supplies, playground games and group activities. Outdoor play, nature walks and glimpse of the plants and birds piques at the children’s curiosity.

4. Smooth transition to elementary school

The transition to elementary school is a lot smoother when children are already accustomed to waking up in the morning for school, following instructions and learning in a disciplined environment.

5. Practical life exercises establish a strong sense of self

Montessori teachers of a preschool program focus on engaging the children in Practical Life exercises; these purposeful tasks simulate daily routine activities that kids observe in their homes. The activities revolve around two key areas: Care of Self and Care for the Environment. Children learn to pour, fold, wash their hands, get dressed, water plants, and more.

Practical Life exercises help children gain independence, develop coordination of movement, develop the ability to concentrate and adapt to their society so that they become self-sufficient from a young age.

Enroll your kids in a quality preschool program today!

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